1. At UKiss first stage, Soohyun thought that; everyone will shout and cheer the up but then he saw it, most of them dont know their song
2.  When they debuted, they joined outside performance first…
3. Alexander was the most cheerful member in UKiss
4.  They love to play games each other and they are playing lots of INTERESTING games
5.  Kibum always annoyed Kevin
6.  Whenever Kibum’s free, He visits his fanpage
7.  Whenever SooHyun gets the chance, he will start to sing
8. SooHyun love to jog around with the other members
9. When Eli saw his friends ( pigeons ), he is shouting and saying ‘’come here my friends!i’ve missed you’’ and he is pretending, he is pigeon too
10.  Although it seems like Dongho is being bullied, he is having fun with his hyungs
11. UKiss is working hard on their mission
12. once, They were going around to restaurants with glass windows and they danced with “talk to me” till everyone follow them. This was their mission
13. They love to take their OWN MV’s
14. Alexander loves to play with Eli, Kibum loves to play with Kevin and all of them love to play with Dongho
15.  Once, they wanted to surprise for Dongho. When Dongho was at school, they bought food for Dongho and went to Dongho’s school
16. SooHyun loves to make plan for fun
17. SooHyun thinks that, our maknae ( Dongho ) is a nice and cute person
18. Alexander is talking about Dongho; He has only me ! no other…
19. When Kevin is telling to other members “I was so popular at my school”, any member didnt believe him first and they were in shock
20. Kevin He can play the guitar and also piano
21. Kevin hates bugs.
22. Kevin likes basketball, badminton, taekwondo, and soccer but he's no good with it.
23. Kevin is good at swimming.
24. Kevin prays before he eats.
25. Eli eats most
26. Kevin eats a lot but slowly.
27. Kevin also loves mexican foods.
28. Kevin loves sweet foods like cake.
29. Kevin talks to his computer like, "Why are you so slow?!".
30. Kevin rides public transportation to go home, to save money.
31. Kevin had a bad memory when he was in Highschool, at first he said he didn't confessed because he started his training and doesn't have any chance to say it, but later on he said that he confessed to the girl before he go to Korea, but sadly the girl already has a boyfriend.
32. Kevin wants to take with his girlfriend on a date in Lotte World.
33. Kevin saw his ideal girl to one of his fans.
34. Kevin's ideal girl is a cute and lively girl and a girl with smiling eyes. He likes girls with long fingers.
35. Kevin's ideal girl at first was Go Ara, but now it is Sandara Park.
36. Kevin wants to get married at the age of 30.
37. Eli’s favorite color is purple.
38. Kevin’s favorite color is blue.
39. DongHo’s favorite color is pink.
40. SooHyun’s favorite color is red.
41. KiSeop and KiBum’s favorite color is black.
42 Xander’s favorite color is white.
43. AJ’s favorite color is blue
44. Kevin cried whe he watched Avatar.
45. Kevin loves hugging a teddy bear when he's sleeping.
46. Kevin never leaves his house without his camera .
47. Deanna always scolds Kevin when he was young.
48. Kevin and Deanna were so similar when they were young.
49. When Kevin plays with Legos, he doesn’t play like the normal little kids. He always ends up/makes the lego men kiss.
50. Kevin’s favorite foreign singers are Chris Brown&Ne-yo.
51. Kevin's favourite time of the year was Midterm.
52. Kevin lose easily in Rock,Paper,Scissors game.
53. Kiseop said that the most funny member when drunk was Kevin. “Kevin turns into a cutie pie and touches his hips”
54. If Kevin was a girl and he got to date one super junior member, he would choose Siwon !
55. When Kevin gets upset, he hates it when people say “How can Kevin get mad?”
56. “My wish is for my supporters to give me more love.” — Kevin. 
57. “My wish is for U-KISS to be number one.” — Eli.
58. AJ's zodiac sign is Gemini and was born in the year of goat
59. AJ wrote all the rap parts in 0330
60. Hoon had a solo career before U-KISS
61. Hoon loves to do leisure Sport and and listen/make music
61. Hoon's skills are taekwondo, snowboarding, wakeboarding, basketball and singing
62. Eli says that no matter what, he always feels sleepy in the airport 
63. Kevin reads allkpop and comments about UKISS. He goes on youtube all the time. He often searches his own name in youtube 
64. Eli uses tumblr, its ukisseli.tumblr.com
65“The good thing about Korean men is that they will cook for their girlfriends…like Xander hyung” – Kevin 
66. Dongho’s favourite cartoon is Winnie The Pooh
67. Dongho has blood type B. Kevin, Kibum, Eli and Xander have blood type O. Soohyun and Kiseop have blood type A
68. Hoon loves ice cream
69. Xander can speaks Mandarinese, Spanish, Cantonese, Portoguese, Japanese, Korean, and English
70. Soohyun’s father left him when he in Junior High School
71. Dongho is the 33rd of the Top 100 searched twitter account in Korea
72. Kibum is the 70th of the Top 100 searched twitter account in Korea
73. Alexander is the 23rd of the Top 100 searched twitter account in Korea
74. Kevin is the 16th of the Top 100 searched twitter account in Korea
75. Eli is the 46th of the Top 100 searched twitter account in Korea
76. Kibum’s favourite sport is basketball
77 “No pain, no Success” - Soohyun
78. AJ said if he was a girl, he’d date Kevin
79. Kiseop’s favourite girlband is 2NE1
80. Kevin and Xander love to hug their fans
81. Eli’s favourite cartoon is Pokemon and his favourite characters is Pikachu
82. Eli, Kiseop, and Dongho played at Real School
83. Eli has allergy for cats
84. AJ’s favourite songs on Bran New Kiss are ‘I don’t understand’ and ‘Miracle’
85. Dongho’s ideal woman are IU, Park Boyoung, Shin Minah, Nam Jihyun, Suzy
86. Xander cried a lot watching Titanic
87. U-Kiss loves watching romantic film together and then they are starting to talk about their love life
88. AJ and Hoon are really good piano player
89. Dongho’s favourite food is meat
90. Eli likes to drink coffee very much 
91. Eli likes to take hats from his fans
92. Eli’s favourite foods include steaks/cheeseburgers, spicy foods, pungent cheeses and dragonfruit.
93. Eli thinks he is the most handsome member of U-Kiss.
94. Xander likes fried rice and sate ( Indonesian foods)
95. Eli is very close with Dongho
96. Kibum once cried when in High School, his best friend left him for another friend
97. Soohyun likes healthy foods, and loves vegetables
98. Xander’s favorite fruit is Durian
99. Dongho’s mother makes the best curry
100. Kiseop loves Mickey Mouse
101. Kibum can speak Japanese.
102. “When I have a talk fight against female friends, I always lose. ” –Dongho
103. Kevin's ringtone is usually the most recent ukiss song
104. Eli likes well behaved girls.
105. SooHyun’s ideal celebrity type is Lee Min Jung
106. SooHyun feels the most confident when singing on stage
107. Soohyun’s hobbies are soccer and playing the piano.
108. If SooHyun is on a date with girl, he pays for EVERYTHING.
109. He likes when girls say that he has a nice body
110. SooHyun loves pizza.
111. SooHyun is the most talkative member in UKiss
112. SooHyun good friends with Doo Joon of BEAST/B2ST.
113. SooHyun loves gags.
114. SooHyun’s ideal type: simple, sweet and loving, friendly, can understand him all the time and always being there for him
115. SooHyun is a very protective guy. If he has a girlfriend, he’ll protect her all the time.
116. SooHyun is close friends with Heechul, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Siwon and Donghae of Super Junior.
117. AJ’s family members are father, mother and older sister
118. AJ can speak korean, English, Japanese, a little Thai
119. AJ loves street Basketball
120. Everyone is thinking that AJ’s personality is lively
121. AJ’s favorite food is rice noodles
122. AJ’s ideal type is CL of 2NE1
123. Kiseop is a 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo.
124.Kiseop’s skills are popping, beatboxing, taekwondo and piano
125. Kiseop is more skilled in cooking than his brothers in U-KISS
126. Kiseop doesnt like girls who are wannabes.
127. "Never stop believing.. Dreams really do come true so aim high!!" - Kiseop.
128. Kiseop is afraid of roller coasters.
129. Kiseop's ideal girl is short and has long hair. 
130. Kiseop wants to be a programmer. 
131. Kiseop is not good with amusement parks. He scares a lot !
132. Eli likes ballads more than dance songs
133. Eli loves seafoods and steaks
134. Eli can sleep even if its noisy
135. Eli doesnt like girls who wear high heels
136. "My English is not that bad, but my hyungs came from different countries which made my English look bad." – DongHo.
137. "Im more of a listener than a talker." - DongHo
138. AJ has blood type A and Hoon has blood type B
139.  SooHyun is close friend with JoKwon of 2AM
140. SooHyun was born in March 11, 1989
141. Alexander was born in July 29, 1988
141. Kibum was born in December 29, 1990
142. Kiseop was born in January 17, 1991
143. Eli was born in March 13, 1991
144. AJ was born in June 4, 1991
145. Hoon was born in August 16, 1991
146. Kevin was born in November 25, 1991
147. Dongho was born in June 29, 1994
148. SooHyun’s family members are parents, older sister and younger sister
149. Kiseop’s family members are father, mother and older sister
150. Eli’s family members are father, mother, older sister and younger sister
151. Kevin’s family members are father, mother and older sister
152. Dongho’s family members are father, mother and older brother
153. Kibum’s family members are parents and older brother
154. Alexander’s family members are father, mother and older sister
155. Kiseop joined U-Kiss before Man Man Ha Ni is promoted.
156. U-Kiss debuted in Japan with Not Young on August 15th, 2008
157. U-Kiss debuted in Korea on August 28th, 2008
158. U-Kiss's Kevin lives off fan gifts
159. U-Kiss stands for Ubiquitos Korean International (Idol) Super Star
160. U-Kiss's fancafe attracted 500,00 fans just after two days it was established
161. Kevin is embarrassed to meet his fans fresh-faced
162 .U-Kiss debuted in Japan at the Power of Atamix alongside Paran and SS501
163 .Kevin don't mind dressing up as a girl
164 .U-Kiss fans are called Kissme
165 .Xander's fans are called Xanderette
166 .Soohyun's fans are called Soohyunnies
167 .Kibum's fans are Kibumsters
168 .Kiseop's fans are Kiseopians
169 .Eli's fans are Elisoniacs
170 .Kevin's fans are Keviniacs
171 .AJ's fans are called Jellybeans
172 .Hoon's fans are called Hoonies or Hunnies (I'm not sure, sorry)
173 .Dongho's fans are called Dongholics
174 .Soohyun doesn't have confidence with his appearance
175 .Kevin is known for his cute and innocent image
176 .Kevin was previously in the group Xing with Kibum
177 .Kiseop was previously an Ulzzang, which means pretty boy
178 .Kiseop is known for his occasional unusual behaviour
179 .Eli has the most piercing and widest range of hairstyle
180 .Eli is known as Pigeon because he can do a kickass pigeon impression
181 .Dongho has had more tv appearances than any of the other members, probably put together.
182 .Dongho is famed for his variety skill
183 .Hoon is the quiet boy who cannot decide on a twitter display picture, and finds pictures awkward
184 .Kiseop prefer shorter girls and has the same attitude as him
185 .Soohyun prefers girls who are shorter than him and as romantic as him
186 .Eli prefers someone who is sweet, simple and is not fake
187 .SooHyun’s ideal type is Krystal of f(x)
188 .Kevin prefers older girls and with soft hands
189 .Dongho prefers someone who is older than him and as adorable as him
190 .Dongho once starred in A Black Mini Dress as a supporting actor
191. AJ and Hoon joined U-Kiss before 0330 is promoted.
192. Kiseop is the King of Aegyo when wearing a tiger pjs.
193. Kevin, Kibum and Junhyung previously debutted as Xing together in 2007.
194. Eli’s father has a Rocketboxx account. Eli said he uses it sometimes
195. Soohyun is known to have trembling hands when he is nervous and has an extreme passion for music
196. Soohyun known as "greedy" as the leader of the group is selfish when it comes to food
197. Being well known himself, Kevin also has an uncle in Germany named Emmanuel Woo, a famous musician
198. Prior to his entrance in U-Kiss, Hoon made his debut in 2009 as a solo singer under his full name, Yeo Hoonmin.
200. AJ have studied in the US, and can manage speaking in English
201. Hoon chose Soohyun as the member that was hardest to get along with because he was “weird” and also because he was older
202. Dongho gets extremely embarrassed whenever he sees himself on Japanese First Kiss Poster.
203. Eli has a habit of grinding teeth while sleeping. Sometimes he wakes up and his jaw his sore.
204. Eli is quite clumsy, and often drops things while trying to look cool
205. Kiseop likes to take care of his members.
206. Kevin’s ideal type was Beyonce for many years.
207. Soohyun dances in his sleep.
208. When U-Kiss have time off, Soohyun and Kiseop usually meet up and hang out together.
209. Kevin finds it funny when international fans use an online translator to write Korean tweets to him since the errors are obvious.
210. Eli always has his handphone charger in his bag, he said he'll be in trouble if he doesnt have it..
211. Kevin trained a lot for us KissMes to see his abs on 'Shut Up' MV.
212. Usually Eli and Dongho take a bath together
213. Eli is interested in "obedient girls."
214. Kevin is described as having a "black hole" for a stomach because he is incapable of gaining weight
215. Fans have reported that Kevin is very patient and incredibly nice
216. Eli has practiced Taekwondo for 12 years
217. Kevin is known for his incredible appetite and his love for ddukbokki
218. World-renowned star Rain was Kevin's inspiration to become a singer
219. Kevin started his music career with the group XING in 2006 before withdrawing in 2008
220. Dongho prefers to act like himself, a big kid
221. Dongho knows how to knit
222. Kiseop is known for his "4D personality
223. Dongho is currently attending Hanrim Entertainment Arts School
224. On September 9, 2009, Hoon released his EP album, "Pure & Love."
225. AJ is on leave/deferred from Columbia University as he is currently promoting with U-Kiss
226. Hoon is one of the bulkiest members of U-Kiss as a result of his Taekwondo practice
227. Hoon went to Pyeongnae High School, now theater major at Dong Guk University
228. The starting date of the two new members of UKISS (AJ, and Hoon) was March 30th (0330)
229. AJ was known for his talents in rap and piano playing skills
230. AJ went to Korea Kent Foreign School
231. When UKISS plays a game the loser must buy the snack
232. NH Media’s Company address is: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Nohyeon-dong, 10-7, 8 Dongnam Building, #202, 135-15 NH Media, U-KISS
233. Before U-KISS, Hoon never danced before
234. Hoon has planned on keeping his debut as a ballad singer (before U-KISS) a secret
235. U-KISS’s dance practice ends at 3am
236. AJ thinks his own charm is his confidence
237. If AJ could go on vacation for a month, he'd go backpacking in Australia
238. AJ read alot
239. If AJ could ride one person on his bike through Yeongdo Cherry Blossoms street, he would ride Kevin
240. AJ said that U-Kiss member are very energetic
241. According to AJ, the difference between being a Paran member and U-Kiss member is the energy.
242. Out of all the members, Soohyun has the most celebrity friends
243. Soohyun is a massive Chris Brown fan.
244. Dongho doesn’t wear much when he sleeps. Usually just boxers.
245. Eli is the member who has had the widest range of hair colours in U-Kiss.
246. Eli is the member with weakest Korean in the group.
247. Soohyun likes to flash his abs.
248. Soohyun thinks he's the laziest member.
249. Soohyun loves watching action movies.
250. Eli loves piercings. Around Man Man Hani and Bingeul Bingeul he was a "regular" at a his local piercing salon
251. Kiseop's first impression of Soohyun? Manager..
252. AJ's favorite songs are Eminem's Stans' and Drunken Tiger's isolated ones, left foot forward
253. AJ has a small recording room at home
254. AJ's grew up in Neo's (Paran) cooking
255. AJ's favorite artists are Eminem, Drunken Tiger and MC Mong
256. AJ is allergic to flowers, perfumes, dust, and anything that has strong odor
257 AJ said his mom like Song Eun ni and joked that his mom wanted him to marry someone like her
258. Most members nominated AJ as U-KISS’ romanticist because he always plans surprises
259. At MTV Let Me Show, AJ imitated Kevin, and he got irked at his imitation
260. "Kevin has the princess syndrome!" – Soohyun (since Kevin always looks into the mirror)
261. Dongho has a lot of Winnie The Pooh stuffed toys at his home
262. Kiseop thinks Hoon and Kevin are nice and bright people. He would love to date them if he was a girl
263. Dongho doesn’t want to date Soohyun because if he can sing well, he would be popular with other girls as well.
264. Soohyun loves watching the anime "One Piece"
265. For ‘Coming of Age’ day Kevin wanted to drink with all of the members
266. Kevin is slow typers.
267. Some of Kevin’s personal goals include reading the newspaper daily and keeping in touch with his friends in America.
268. If Hoon had a girlfriend he would want to write words with the candle on a dark night at a park
269. Eli likes to listen to ballads or upbeat songs. Kevin likes R&B.
270. "If I was a girl I’ll choose myself", because I like honest people - Dongho
271. Dongho is a very emotional person and cry easily
272. If Kiseop has a girlfriend he would want to surprise her by filling his car’s trunk with balloons
273. AJ and Hoon all have a deep devotion for ice cream.
274. Eli has 2 hedgehogs - one male and one female
275. Kiseop's favourite camera brand is Nikon
276. Kiseop is not 100% accurate in Hangul, even though it was his first language
277. Kiseop is interested in girls who are neater than him, has long hair and nerd
278. Kiseop doesn't mind if a girl has had surgery, as long as she's cute
279. When Kiseop is in a relationship, he would like the girl to understand his feelings
280. Kiseop's most favourite expressions in photos are the blowfish face, the pouting face and the 'V' sign
281. When Kiseop was a child, he loved to hold his parents' hands in the theme park
282. Eli has the habit of grinding his teeth when sleeping
283. Although Kiseop is a pure Korean born in Korea, his command of Korean is poor
284. According to Soohyun: "fans look the prettiest when they behave well"
285. Soohyun takes really good care of his voice and does this by vocal practicing 2 Hours a day
286. Soohyun's songs for his audition are "I Believe I Can Fly" and "Because Of You (Ne-Yo)
287. When In a Date Soohyun Doesnt like it when girls pay for the date
288. Soohyun Loves to act like a monster. He once acted as a monster before, and Ki Bum got scared for real.
289. When asked about his Favorite Food, Soohyun stated that he could eat anything as long as its Edible
290. Eli used to have black hair cut short which made him look like Bert from Sesame Street
291. Eli doesn't afraid to show his funny side
292. Eli will ask his grandmother to read the letters from the fans because its in Korean
294. Eli doesnt smoke
295. Eli is close to other girl groups such as rainbow
296. Kevin likes to sit on Eli’s back when Eli’s lying down flat on his stomach
297. At the age of 15, Kevin then moved to South Korea with his mother and sister to pursue his dream
298. Dongho's first secret love is when he was in kindergarten
299. Soohyun once threw a wig to Kiseop, and the result was Kiseop fell from his chair
300. "I will like to partnership with mum to open a holiday resort" -- Kiseop
301. "I want to attempt lyrics writing, composing, writing song for myself and other singers to sing" -- Kevin
302. "I'd like to run an entertainment company, plan the stage, content, lighting by myself n design UKISS’s unique stage" -- Soohyun
303. "I'll open a café too but small n warm café, dont have so many customers so they r able to do their stuffs peacefully" -- Dongho
304. Soohyun wants to act the role of a singer that has many fans all over the world
305. Eli wants to play King like the role in the movie ‘The King and the Clown
306. Kevin wants to act in love scene the most
307. AJ wouldn't want to date Kevin if he was a girl, because other than the musical Kevin did, he doesn’t have any experience in dating and it would be frustating for a girl
308. Kevin thinks that a good way to get your crush's attention is by accidentally crashing your car into them to get their phone
309. Kevin has never been to a club before except for the filming of "I Like You" MV
310. "My mom was the reason why I didn’t give up in life." – Kiseop
311. When Kiseop loses a game, he can’t accept it. He’ll say "Once more! Once more!"
312. "I wish I could sing high notes like Soohyun hyung." – Dongho
313. If Eli had a girlfriend, he would want to make his own lunch and bring it with him to the beach to do a parody one of the scenes from "boys over flowers"
314. If Kiseop was a girl, he would not want to date Soohyun because he’s too mature
315. "I wanna sing as well as Kevin" – Eli
316. Hoon’s ideal girl: cute and small with soft hands
317. Eli listens to B.O.B and Bruno Mars
318. "After 6 albums, we never received first place. If we were able to get first place, I don’t think I would be able to speak. I would just cry."- Soohyun
319. When U-KISS gets a #1.. "when all the members cry, I’m planning to grab the mic and give the speech"- Dongho
320. Dongho would like to camp, catch bugs, make a tent, and enjoy the scenary with his future girlfriend.
321. At 1st Kev had more nuna fans,but now he hears "oppa" more.He feels more mature knowing that he has "younger fans 2 take care of"
322. UKISS' members usually sleep while their hair or make up are getting done
323. "Music is like family. If I was not able to sing, I think I would die." – Soohyun
324. Soohyun would like to propose her future girlfriend by singing her at a concert.
325. Kevin was chosen to be the sexiest member in a feminine way because of his S-line. Eli was chosen to be the sexiest manly member
326. Eli: "If I were to rearrange the alphabet, I'd put, 'U' and 'I' together."
327. Soohyun Has been told he looks like Boom & Jung Hyung Don; preferably his mouth
328. Eli considers Paran as his bestfriend and Family because they are on the same label
329. Eli doesn't like girls who wear high heels, bcos he thinks high heels are silly and he doesnt understand why girls would wear something uncomfortable like that
330. Eli ran away from home when his parents nag at him but only went to his friend next door!
331. Eli actually stayed up all night just to research girl groups
332. U-Kiss were asked who they want to be friend in Kara. They picked Nicole because they said she speaks English
333. When Eli was younger, he had to lose weight because of taekwondo, so he starved himself a lot and stayed in the sauna for 6 hours
334. Kevin can imitate Jung Juri's laugh expression. A dinosaur and Margie's voice in The Simpsons
335. Kevin didn't experience wearing a school uniform in his school days
336. Kevin became a member of school choir
337. Kevin attended Monte Vista High School
338. Kevin wanted to try skydiving
339. Kevin have been to Ireland
340. When off cam, Kevin cant stay still like he’ll be dancing, look at the mirror.. etc
341. Dongho: "If I could go on a vacation for a month, I wanna sleep for a month"
342. Kevin: "If I could go on a vacation for a month, I wanna go to New York"
343. Eli: "If I could go on a vacation for a month, I'd like to visit my family in America"
344. Soohyun: "If I could go on a vacation for a month, I wanna go to Jeju Island with the members, UKISS: "No,Thanks"
345. Kevin: "A week before the end of the world, I wanna be with my family"
346. Eli: "A week before the end of the world, I'll save the world hahaha," AJ: "Thats not realistic"
347. Soohyun: "A week before the end of the world, I wanna visit all the Kiss Me in the world" AJ: "KMs dont wanna see u"
348. Kiseop: "A week before the end of the world, I wanna go home and be with my family"
349. Dongho: "A week before the end of the world, I wanna spend all my savings money for charity"
350. AJ: "A week before the end of the world, I’ll leave Earth"
351. If Hoon finds that his crush is his eternal love, he will do whatever it takes to get her. It doesn't matter if she has a boyfriend
352. Kiseop uses lots of cute sound effects in his messages
353. Kiseop suffered from depression and contemplated suicide
354. Kiseop’s ideal girl among the celebrities is Goo Hye Sun and will remain "united and loyal" with her
355. Kiseop usually cleans up all the mess
356. Kiseop’s frightened of a lot of things. Heights, snakes, spiders, scary movies. He always screams during scary movies
357. Kiseop said that his favorite SNSD member is Tiffany
358. Kiseop pouts in most of the pictures *its his fav pose
359. Kiseop's first stage with U-Kiss was on 5th November 2009
360. Soohyun has mentioned that his dream is to be a successful singer
361. AJ's ideal type would be innocent girls with a scent of spring weather
362 AJ's favorite songs are Eminem's Stans' and Drunken Tiger's isolated ones, left foot forward
363. Eli is always the one who goes hyper on every single day
364. Kevin was chosen to be the sexiest member in a feminine way because of his S-line
365. Before Kiseop’s debut he had a severe depression and had to visit the hospital a few times
366. Kevin thinks that a good way to get your crush's attention is by accidentally crashing your car into them to get their phone
367. Dongho can eat black sauce bean noodles (jjangmyeon) in just 59 seconds
368. AJ said Kevin acts weird when he is around.
369. While it was raining in Korea, Soohyun jumped on a stage,slipped and fell again & again!The other members burst out laughing!
370. Soohyun was born in the year of the Snake according to the Eastern Chinese calendar
371. If U-KISS’s third single ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ was not as successful as it was, U-KISS would have been finished
372. Kibum thinks it’s funny when he bite Kevin. He and Kevin used to act out vampire scenes often
373. Xander has worn contacts for ten years
374. AJ's inspiration musicians are Justin Timberlake and his PO hyung from Paran
375. Kiseop always brings snacks with him when he goes out
376. Kibum likes Omelettes
377. Kevin was born in Korea, then moved to San Francisco
378. Kevin left Xing four months before his debut with UKISS
379. Kibum wants to act as the director of a big enterprise but his personality is a little unreliable
380. "I will want to open a bubble tea shop in Korea and Kevin should be my shop’s loyal customer" -- Xander
381. Dongho is the laziest member in UKISS
382. Kevin attended Monte Vista High School
383. "I like a girl who has a cute laugh" – Kevin, After he said that, all of the members were trying to laugh cutely for Kevin
384. Soohyun and Kiseop loves to hide food under their bed so that they can eat it later
385. Soohyun threw a ghost wig to Kiseop, and the result was Kiseop fell from his chair
386. Kevin once drooled due to his fear
387. When Dongho was in kindergarten, was in Giraffe Class while his secret love was in Deer Class
388. "Originally, because I was in charge of the group’s cute, Kiseop entered and robbed me of the seat haha.." -- Dongho
389. "When I slept and got up, the holiday was over. So sad......" -- Kibum
390. "Although I was raised in America, I love Korean music a lot and so I came to Korea to take the audition" -- Kevin
391. "I wanted to be a chef. I was even thinking of going to a culinary school" -- Kibum
392. Soohyun often listen to girls groups’ songs such as After School
393. Kiseop likes quiet music that also has beat and recently, he listens to Rock Ballad often
394. "ManManHaNi is a memorable and important song which I did practiced very hard" - Dongho
395. The girl group that Xander talks to the most is Miss A. They talk together all the time on Weibo
396. Dongho is good at beat boxing too, but he doesn't do it much because his voice is still changing
397. Kevin and Soohyun practices the hardest at singing and dancing
398. Kevin wants to bake a cake with his future girlfriend
399. Dongho always forgets how old he is, especially on interviews. The members will usually correct him
400. "Since I’m a rapper of UKISS, I can’t live without fans" - Eli
401. Xander studied in America at De Anza , California
402. Kibum went to middle school in Australia
403. "Today I suffer for tomorrow’s luck" - Eli
404. After eating a huge plate of Yakisoba, Dongho can still go elsewhere to buy Takoyaki to eat
405. When they had different argument, they were yelling at each other in different languages
406. When UKISS was first formed, their first argument they had was over food
407. Soohyun hates it when fans spend money to buy his gifts
408. "Kibum likes to go gym, so girl who can go gym together is suitable but he doesn’t seem to like girl who has muscles!" – Eli
409. Hoon's hobbies are do leisure sports and music
410. UKISS all want a girlfriend who can understand their busy schedules and that they can't always be together because of their job
411. When Kevin and Dongho can't control their laughter in front of the audience, they hug each other
412. Dongho's mom is the lady who acted as Kevin's mom on 'Not young' MV
413. "The laziest person to wake up is none other than the maknae, DongHo." -- Kevin
414. Dongho has a crab allergy.
415. Kevin and Dongho were ranked 37th and 38th male idols that has the best eye smile.
416. "I'm sorry, I love u, these words r hard to say, since u've given me this chance, i want to say "I Love U" to my mom" -- Dongho
417. Dongho plays golf well
418. DongHo made up words on the word STUPID:Super Talented Unique Person In Demand; And he thinks that he is STUPID in his own way
419. Dongho likes to eat meat
420. Dongho and IU good friends. IU is Dongho’s ideal type, but that’s just it.
421. Dongho plays Warcraft and probably other online games.
422. Alexander: "Dongho, your dog just pooped..." Dongho: "Why is everyone looking for me when the dog poops and pees...urgh"
423. Dongho is happy just by smelling of money
424. Acc to Dongho, the meanest thing Kevin has said to Dongho till today is "IDIOT"
425. Kevin, SooHyun, DongHo, and Alexander like natural girls (no plastic surgery) but with great personalities.
426. My shoulders are a hidden beauty." -- DongHo
427. When have the free time, Dongho will play with his PSP.
428. Dongho dogs name is 'BBO BBO'.
429. "If kids at my age want to grow tall, we have to sleep a lot, If I wake up like this, I wont be growing any taller" -- Dongho
430. Dongho once played Sistar's Push Push in the car and Kevin sang to it while Kibum and Dongho danced
431. Dongho showers mostly about 10 minutes long or more
432. Kevin was crying while singing the song End of the Road ... and Dongho calm him down.
433. Dongho used to hesitate about singing ballad songs due to his voice cracking
434. "This kid is really hard to handle" -- Kibum's talking about Dongho
435. "We love watching Zombie movies, except for DongHo cause he don't like them. Zombies don't like him as well!" -- SooHyun
436. DongHo has his own little world where he dances all alone in the middle of nowhere
437. If Eli hyung gets hungry, we always feed him bird seeds." -- DongHo
438. DongHo envies how SooHyun can sing very high notes while he can't
439. "When one member becomes sick or unwell, we worry a lot and visit him." – DongHo.
440. Members said that Kevin is a bad influence to their maknae, DongHo, as DongHo started dancing girly
441. "When DongHo watches zombie movies, he dreams about it. Haha!" -- SooHyun.
442. "DongHo might be really annoying at times, but he's a really kin-hearted person deep inside." -- Xander.
443. Dongho doesn’t shower often because he’s always sleeping
444. There are barely any movies that make Kevin cry. The last time he cried from a movie was “Titanic” back in elementary school
445. "If I had to choose between Eli and Kiseop… I’d choose Eli because he's a caring person who’s committed!" -- Hoon
446. Kevin does not have, and has never had, a girlfriend
447. Kiseop said that the most funny member when drunk was Kevin.
448. Dongho's favorite baseball team is Doosan Bears and Lotte Giants
449. Hoon loves doing chores around the house
450. AJ doesn’t want to date Kevin because besides his kissing scenes on his musical, he doesn’t have any experience in dating
451. Kibum thinks it’s funny when he bite Kevin. He and Kevin used to act out vampire scenes often
452. “Kevin turns into a cutie pie and touches his hips” --Kiseop
453. Kiseop loves photography
454. U-Kiss went to China in "You Know U-Kiss" during their 6th episode .
455. On February 8, 2009 Eli wished that U-Kiss would enter Korean charts as they already in Thailand
456. Eli says Tumblr is complicated .
457. Eli wants to be a Hollywood actor
458. U-Kiss’ Vons chicken CF was aired on May 2, 2010.
459. Members said that Kevin is a bad influence to their maknae, Dongho, as Dongho started dancing girly
460. Eli loves Kevin so much , he rather some fans kidnap L than Kevin
461. Eli says the back of his neck is sexy *
462. Since he was kid, Eli's dream was becoming an actor, so he studied to China to become one
463. Eli kept his caps neatly in his drawer
464. Eli slept with his mom until he was 12 years old and his dad was annoyed
465. Eli is afraid of darkness since he was a kid
466. Eli has 2 pillows, one for his head and he will hug another one while sleep
467. Eli's furnitures in his room are all white
468. Eli's little sister was born in 2000
469. Eli said that he learns Korean while shopping (like reading the label, etc)
470. Eli often goes to minimarket / supermarket to buy something to eat or drink, since he lives alone he has nothing at his home
471. AJ's score was not really good enough to enter college
472. AJ said his mom is his mentor in his life
473. AJ cried while he's being interviewed and asked to say something to his mother
474. Kiseop said that he doesnt want to see his mom crying anymore so he works even harder day by day
475. Hoon's friend said that Hoon is a person who cares about his friends a lot
476. Hoon resembles his dad a lot
477. Hoon's mom likes to pat his butt while hugging him
478. Hoon is the youngest son in his family
479. Dongho wants to experience normal school life like go to school together, eat together, go home together with his friends
480. UKISS once performed at Dongho's School' Festival
481. Dongho has the most experience in acting, Real School (with E & KS), My Black Mini Dress, n last is Mr. Idol (with SH, KS, & H)
482. Dongho is called by the member as UKISS's mascot
483. Soohyun and AJ are the most talkative member when they're being interviewed, they usually answer the questions
484. Eli wants to try acting on action movie
485. UKISS work out a lot and lose about 5 kg per member for "Neverland" comeback
486. Kiseop said that Eli had nosebleed on their first "Neverland" performance
487. UKISS is known as one of Idol Group who gives a lot of fan service the most
488. Soohyun said once that he wants UKISS to have world tour and meet their fans all over the world
489. Dongho ate Kevin's birthday cake (while they were in Taiwan) at bathroom
490. Dongho has so much interest in baseball and always goes to watch baseball when he has free time
491. Kevin often spells Korean words wrong and Dongho loves teasing him
492. Kevin has a weird habit of sending text message reply that isn't related to what sender asking
493. Kevin stepped on Soohyun foot once while practicing
494. Kiseop gathers his energy by calling his mom
495. The rest members call AJ with his real name, Jaeseop
496. KiBum loves his hyung, Hyung Joon. KiBum said that he could never live without his hyung
497. Whenever KiBum is mad, he looks for candies to calm himself.
498. Kibum farts the most
499. Kibum has a clock that lights up and sings.
500. He's a former member of Xing and U-kiss but he is in KISSme's heart!!!
501. KiBum loves his brother, Hyung Jun, so much. He even describe themselves as INSEPARABLE.
502. Kibum is the younger brother of SS501's Kim HyungJun .
503. Kibum can speak Japanese. He can also read and write hiragana, Katakana and kanji
504. Kibum had his first love last August 28, 2008. Wanna know her name? Her name is.. Kisumi / Kiss Me.
505. KiBum loves showing off his abs
506. Kibum doesn’t have a girlfriend.
507. "When I'm alone, I wanna be with my members. But when im with them, i wanna be alone. *laughs*" -- KiBum.
508. Kibum and Kiseop are going to gym together while Soohyun goes with Eli
509. KiBum's talents are Composing Music, Poppin' Dance, Japanese, Piano, Singing
510. He also likes to read books; he reads one when he wakes up in the morning
511. Regardless of the weather being cold, Kibum normally sleeps without a shirt
512. He favorite sleeping pose is lie face-down and on his side
513. Eli said, he liked Lil’ Wayne, and Eminem. Soohyun said, Ne-Yo. ♥ Kibum said, SS501. ♥
514. Kibum likes any group as long as it’s a girl group
515. Kibum actually gets mislead and confused with; Super Junior’s Kim Kibum and SHINee’s Kim Kibum (Key).
516 .Dongho is like a baby. He’s really innocent, but all of a sudden, he can just expode
517 .I just love cameras! Don't you too?" *laughs* -- Kevin.
518 .Kevin loves to sing random songs at a random time.
519 .Dongho said that the color represents Kevin's personality? "Pure white"
520 .Dongho said that Kevin's charm is The coexistence of his cuteness and charisma.
521 .Xander claimed that he cannot live without his cellphone. Mostly because he needs it for twitter
522 .U-KISS filming the Tick Tack MV for 30 hours straight
523 .U-KISS members didn't know the meaning of Tick Tack lyric even when they're shoot the MV for it.
524 .Due to their promotions in Korea, U-KISS only has 3 days to practice Tick Tack choreography before filming the MV!
525 .Eli has the most piercing and widest range of hairstyle
526 .U-KISS had three costume changes in their first concert in Japan.
527 .U-KISS’s fan signing in Manila, Philippines broke the record of most people to attend a fan signing/meet
528 .Soohyun was ranked #10 in the top 17 Male Idol Vocalists Ranked by Korean Vocal Coach.
529 .At one concert, 6 members were given 5 mics and had to perform live sharing mics
530 .At one time, U-Kiss’ backstage room was labeled ‘U-Kizz
531 .When kevin was young, his sister always scolds at him like "Go To Sleep!, how can u would't finish ur homework?
532 .Cause kevin is the youngest in his family, he was told to wash the dishes, throw the garbages and was like "aah!~" poor son!
533 .Kevin once did a clumsy thing in his grandfather's bday when he was young
534 .Kevin came to korea with his mom to audition last 2006
535 .KEVIN is one of the TOP 10 MOST INNOCENT south korean stars in a poll taken by thailand kpop fans
536 .Kevin is always on time
537 .Kevin writes in a neat handwritting
538 .Kevin said that Eli sleeps without his clothes.
539 .Kevin said that alexander is really really nice BUT xander ALWAYS teases him
540 .Kevin Woo is a Christian
541 .In an interview kevin said his the closest to kibum among his mates, unfortunately kibum hates him the most
542 .Kevin:"If I was a girl i'd be HOT" Eli: "Whatever If i was a girl i'd be HOTTER" Xander: "Shut up! For sure i'll be the HOTTEST"
543 .Xander gave another nickname for kevin--> MERVIN
544 .HONEYVIN is one of the nicknames of Kevin given by Xander and it has a story why it is Honeyvin
545 .Kevin hates the library because he can't stand the smell of old books
546 .If he is a girl, Xander pick Kim Heechul & ask to date.. Cause he think he is romantic but with a sense of humor
547 .Eli's diet tips: DON'T EAT
548 ."UKISS got its strength from our fans, from all of you. We are nothing without you all, Kiss Mes" - SooHyun
549 .Kevin's motto: success comes when one works hard and steady
550 .UKISS' members usually sleep while their hair or make up are getting done
551 .Soohyun and AJ are the most talkative member when they're being interviewed, they usually answer the questions
552 .AJ said his mom is his mentor in his life
553 .Hoon is the youngest son in his family
554 .Eli's furnitures in his room are all white
555 .Eli is afraid of darkness since he was a kid
556 .Kevin has a weird habit of sending text message reply that isn't related to what sender asking
557 .Xander spends half of his salary on food
558 .Hoon resembles his dad a lot
559 .U-KISS shooting the Tick Tack MV in Korea (GyunGi District, GoYang Town, Ilsan).
560 ."I don't wanna die. I wanna live young forever like Peter Pan" – Kevin
561 ."I like my eyes. But I hate my body. I need to diet" -- Eli
562 .The diet Eli had to go on to lose weight was a potato diet and he really didn't enjoy it. He has disliked potatoes ever since
563 .AJ : "i want to act like u" Dongho : "u can't act"
564 .Kevin has a mole on his chest and above his lips (on the right side)
565 ."Soohyun is the power vocal but sometimes he’s too loud that he hurts my ears" -- Kevin
566 .Kibum and Xander are usually the first ones to wake up in the morning and Dongho is the last one
567 ."Dongho is like a baby. He’s really innocent, but all of a sudden, he can just explode" – Eli
568 .Kibum's brother (Hyungjoon) often helps UKISS come up with dance moves like in Shut Up
569 ."I want to become a person with a kind and warm heart that can accept everyone" -- Kibum
570 .Eli and Dongho's speed dial # 1 is their home
571 ."I'm the type that listens to those who have a lot of worries or any other problems. Everyone lean on me" -- Kibum
572 .Dongho's 3 favorite animals are: dog, rabbit and horse
573 .According to Kiseop, Dongho will just suddenly move his hands as if he's throwing a ball when he is sleeping on the car
574 .Eli had a teeth lamination on 14 teeth
575 .Eli has a ring that his grandmother gave him on her 18th birthday before he left for China. He wears it all the time
576 ."AJ is an amazing rapper and he has great vocals" -- Kevin
577 .Hoon thinks that he's becoming more weird because of Soohyun. Then Dongho said "I've been like that for 3 years!"
578 .Dongho jokingly asked if Yoseob was trying to steal his cute image and asks who is cuter
579 .Eli likes the Galaxy Tab more than the iPad
580 .Kevin wants to do skydiving
581 .One of Eli’s talent is being able to imitate animal sounds. For example, pigeon n elephant
582 ."I'd like to run an entertainment company, plan the stage, content, lighting by myself n design UKISS’s unique stage" -- Soohyun
583 .I will like to partnership with mum to open a holiday resort" -- Kiseop
584 .Xander wants to act the role of a perverted bad character to break his happy n friendly image
585 .Soohyun is the most romantic member in U-KISS
586 .Xander was cried when he was watching a video created by fans from all over the world
587 .Kiseop talks in his sleep. AJ claimed that he speak in alien language when he was sleeping
588 .Eli's dad name is Kim Hyung Soo (김형수), a General Manager of a Japanese Restaurant named Sakura
589 .AJ has a small recording room in his house with collections of MR he made for rap
590 .Leader Soohyun got scolded a lot by his dongsaengs, the most scary to him is Dongho.
591 .If U-KISS got some free time in Christmas, Dongho want to go to a spa in Hokkaido with the fans.

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